Autumnal Equinox Monday: It's About Time (or, "TIME QUAKE: FORCE INFINITY")

Name that movie.

Is anyone else having time dreams? The past two nights, Da-da's had dreams of being on a new timeline, one where things are slightly different and... better. In his latest one, the Time Lord himself, Dr. Who (strangely played by Ford Prefect from the BBC production of "HHG")...

That's Ford on the left, next to Arthur Dent. He was even wearing that damned argyle sweater.
Question: do people in Argyle wear argyle sweaters? Or is that considered gouche?

...gave Da-da a ride on the TARDIS... which actually looked more like a big covered golf cart with a trailer, but it's the thought that counts. What does all this mean? It means IT'S TIME. Time for what?

Check out what Alfred Webre wrote a few days ago.

Hey, if Batman says it...

Of course, Da-da takes everything with a large ontological salt lick. But when he personally experiences data intersections in twos and three and fours... well, only those in denial pay short shrift. Da-da had been told by Lynn the Internet Oracle that he (and those residing at Spook Central, Da-da's abode) would start having dreams of a new timeline before making the jump. This has already started, not just with Da-da, but also with Bronko and Nagurski, Da-da's 7 and 9YO respectively, having their own time dreams. (Ma-ma is far too rational to jog after this train of thought... that is, until she has her own dream; she was a skeptic about Spook Central until she herself became possessed. Seriously. If Da-da hadn't seen it, he wouldn't have believed it.)

Anyway, things are changing for the better. The Powers That Were are on the run, or simply dying out. People are waking up to the silly MSM fear train that keeps running around in ebola/ISIS circles. Police are demilitarizing. Dogs and cats are living together. As they say, it's only a matter of time. (As Da-da proofed this for the last time, his ship's clock chimed six bells.)

And if all that isn't good enough news, it's also the Autumnal Equinox at 10:29 pm EDT. The first day... er, night of Autumn, yay. Hope you bought a jacket when it was on sale.

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