Where's Your SolarMax Messiah, Now? [UPDATED]

Can you hear the sun snoring? It helps to remove the fingers from your ears.

Folks, Da-da doesn't care what the MSM says: the sun is going to sleep. It's at the peak of its so-called, "solarmax" and has nary a sunspot. Solar wind output is greatly reduced. 10.7 cm flux is in the cellar, and Bz is pointing in a decidedly non-Viagra direction, with the earth slowly following suit. If we all decided to burn every politician and alphabet agency on the surface of the planet, it still wouldn't warm things up if the sun doesn't cooperate... but it would probably make some people feel better. (Don't forget: felons are your brothers, too.)

Regardless of what humans do about their fallacious "carbon footprints" (which are about money and power and control), be sure to check the bottom line: the sun provides the earth with energy. If its output is lessened, the earth gets less energy. Less energy means LESS ENERGY. As in not more. Which means COOLING, not heating. And perhaps a mini-ice age. And a healthy change of management.

Besides all the virtually ignored cooling data, for the 8th year in a row, the leaves on Da-da's trees have turned and fallen early -- June 1st this year, a whole month earlier than the last three years. Now, if various governments could only stop playing with the weather like they know what they're doing (they don't), we could see how our little planet is going to react to this reduction in solar output; we'll be seeing this soon, as things are dramatically changing in that arena.

For those who still maintain a quailing, capitalist mindset, Da-da suggests you invest in sled manufacturers and companies that make green houses; alas, Monsanto won't be around much longer, so you might want to short that stock. Afterward, you might also want to try practicing meditation. It will invariably come in handy. Then again, for those who balk at that ontological gate, there are always white russians and loooong winters, again and again, until you finally learn your lesson. Don't worry, you will. Your future may vary -- a lot.

[UPDATE1: As of 7/19/2014, the sun's global X-ray output has dropped by a factor of ten. This has NOT, Da-da repeats, NOT affected bowling scores around the country, but you never know.]

[UPDATE2: Meanwhile, these folks continue to tow the party line, their data notwithstanding. We'll all see who's right eventually.] 

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