That Hiding-in-the-Bathroom Look of Parenthood

A group of Stay-at-Home-Dads aren't called a HIDING for nothing.

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Anonymous said...

Damn straight. I did the stay at home dad bit for a few years & I'm positive that my kids are going to have endless stories about Dad's marathon bowel movements.

They're probably amazed that I didn't just crap out my own head during one of them.

Little did they realize I was cowering, quivering & whimpering.
All at once.

Ha! Fooled them!

A pathetic low point no doubt.

Then, thankfully, I escaped & Mom took over.

Sadly, her hair went grey & a nervous tic developed, first, in her right eye, & then both eyes simultaneously.

Now, she wanders through the house muttering to herself. When she sees me & a spark of recognition flares in her eyes she slowly backs up shrieking "Keep that dirty penis away from me. I...I...can't bear the consequences anymore...."

It's sad.

But, as I understand it, quite common amongst parental care-givers.

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