Scenes From Da-da's Mind-Roasting Summer

Mind-roasting! Ok, well... a little mind-roasting. Wit for it...

Da-da and his boys, 7YO Bronko and 9YO Nagurski, were driving around town, running errands. Da-da pulled his p*nis-manqué minivan to a halt at a red light, just shy of the crosswalk, where folks were crossing the street.
BRONKO: Da-da look out for those Canadians.
DA-DA: [looks around] What Canadians?
BRONKO: There, in the crosswalk.
DA-DA: You mean pedestrians.
NAGURSKI: Actually, Da-da, those are equestrians.
[Da-da notices that they are indeed wearing riding boots and jodhpurs.]
BRONKO: They're equestrian pedestrians!
DA-DA: Actually, those are the dreaded CANADIAN EQUESTRIAN PEDESTRIANS. Very dangerous. That's why they're wearing red.
BRONKO: Ooooh.
Look out. Those leaf edges are DEADLY.

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