TCM's Old School Halloween Fright Fest Meets Cinematic Gateway to Int'l Peace and Understanding

"How DARE you put that shade of lipstick on me! I'm an Autumn!"

Kudos (don't you hate that word?) to Turner Classic Movies (TCM) on their old-school Halloween horror fest commencing midnight on 10/31/13 in the U.S. and Canada. Interestingly, Canada and the UK have their own TCM schedule and line-up, as does every country in Europe. Why can't we all watch the same things? Because our illusory world is constructed to separate people, not unify them. Imagine how cool it would be to have all of us on earth watching the same scary movie, then quoting all the best lines in every language the next day? But we can all overcome that by joining zombie hands in the fog and SCREAMING together -- in select countries -- in abject bloody terror.

Enjoy this brilliant line-up of mostly Hammer Studios horror and a bit of Roger Corman, made when colors were painful and atmosphere not just something you burned up in upon re-entry. Wow, three prepositions in a row.

Da-da's telling you now so you can look ahead and record them... if that is within your scope.

All times are Eastern. No offense.

TCM's Halloween Line-up (U.S.)

12:00 AM
Freaks (1932)

6:00 AM
Curse of Frankenstein, The (1957)

7:30 AM
Mummy, The (1959)

9:00 AM
Horror Castle (1963)

10:30 AM
Castle of the Living Dead, The (1964)

12:15 PM
Dracula, Prince of Darkness (1965)

1:45 PM
Devil's Bride, The (1968)

3:45 PM
Dracula Has Risen From the Grave (1969)

5:30 PM
Horror Express (1972)

8:00 PM
Pit And The Pendulum (1961)

9:30 PM
Haunted Palace, The (1963)

11:15 PM
Masque Of The Red Death, The (1964)


1:00 AM
Abominable Dr. Phibes, The (1971)

2:45 AM
Twice-Told Tales (1963)

5:00 AM
Tomb Of Ligeia, The (1964)

7:30 AM
Faster, Buttercup, Twinkle Twinkle! (1965)

"Yes, I'm Draco's grandfather: DRACULA MALFOY..."

The UK has WESTERNS (??) all day for Halloween, with only three scary movies in the evening: "Hush, Hush, Sweet Charlotte", "The Omen" and "Urban Legend." BO-RING. This makes no sense, as Hammer Studios was based in the UK. Maybe the Druids find Halloween too provincial. 

Schedulewise, check it out. France seems to have the best schedule overall, which says something


TCM Canada


TCM Europe

"Why can't we all just watch the same thing, and get along?" [sniff]

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