The Ultimate in Autumnal Equinox Graffiti?

Either some alien graffiti artist has some awesome new solar spray paint to commemorate Autumnal Equinox 10...
er, 2013... or the sun is on sale for ten bucks. Or the sun has decided it's the 10th planet. Or we have ten snarkons till WHOOMBIE. Take your pick. Oh, and yes, Da-da is back. Just barely. It was close.

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alanborky said...

"Da-da is back. Just barely. It was close."

Well wha'd'you expect when y'will insist on smokin' pipes through bandages?

On a lighter note what's the fav'rite song of the Hey Diddle Diddle nurs'ry rhyme Cow?

Moo River!


Get even weller sooner!

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