"LET IT GO, LET IT GO, LET IT GO" (Sung to, "Let It Snow") -- A Postmodern Carol (#21 in a Series)

Yes, it's time for another Postmodern Parenting Carol. So, here's some music to forgive by, for 5YO Bronko and 7YO Nagurski -- who've been at each others' throats for the past half-decade -- as well as for Da-da's friend Gary Renard, who's having a birthday today. Must feel weird to be 30. This, too, shall pass.


[sung to the tune of, "Let It Snow"]

Oh the universe outside is frightful
And your ire is not delightful
But since we've no place to go
Let It Go! Let It Go! Let It Go!

It's finally showin' signs of stoppin'
So I've bought some corn for poppin'
The slights are turned way down low
Let It Go! Let It Go! Let It Go!

When we finally dismiss the fight
How that date will abolish the storm
But if you'll really behold me bright
All the way home we'll be warm

O the universe is slowly dyin'
And, my dear, we're done goodbyin'
As long as you love me so
Let It Go! Let It Go! Let It Go!

[Sing Postmodern Carol #20... or don't, and be that way.]

Why can't you boys just get along?

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