A Tale of the Green

Hm. A little Grinchy before-and-after for a Freaky Friday. The top twist is the most recent, the color obviously sweetened when compared to the original on the bottom. Da-da thought the colors were tweaked, but dismissed it until 4 and 6YO Bronko and Nagurski pointed out the color change, as well; they've seen Da-da's DVD original about 20 times. We all agreed that we liked the original icky Grinch green as it best suits his icky Grinch character. Da-da also noticed that some video editor had overcranked and oversaturated the latest version's colors, causing some pixelization, which is really inexcuseable. Alas, Da-da fears this is the future of everything, as more and more "experts" second-guess films' original directors, art directors and editors, making the past increasingly pixelated and "improved." Or perhaps the color faded and has been restored? It's possible. Da-da's been wrong before -- at least twice.

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