The Season's Greatest Impossible Acting Award Goes To...

Omigod, I'm in acting hell.

...Michael Caine, for his performance as Scrooge (duh) in, "The Muppet Christmas Carol." Da-da knows this movie came out ten years ago (Da-da's kinda slow), but he just saw it, and the man showed such emotion and acting chops, seriously acting and reacting to g*ddamn PUPPETS... well, it blew Da-da away. All wannabe actors (there are so many) should study this film.

Alas, Da-da can't give Mr. Caine the greatest Christmas acting award ever, as that belongs to Albert Finney for his Scrooge performance in the best, "Christmas Carol" movie of all time, the eponymous, "SCROOGE." Honestly, Hollywood, you might as well give it up on the remakes.

"So. Mr. Cratchett. I suppose you'll wanna take the whole day off tomorrow?"

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