Spooky Sayer Speaks Soothiness

Ok, this is weird. Look at the above. Da-da was talking with an "enlightened" friend about the recent Yale research report that showed a correlation between reduced births on Halloween and an increase around Valentine's Day. So why is this?

Do pregnant women (as opposed to pregnant men) simply choose not to give birth to a Halloween baby because of a supernatural stigma? A recent article on this suggested amazement that pregnant women could dictate and postpone such an event. Da-da has news for you, babe: PREGNANT WOMEN CAN DO WHATEVER THEY WANT. Anyone who's been around pregnant women (especially if you're responsible) knows that they're in charge. Good luck standing in their way. But there must be more to it than that, so Da-da consulted with Sybyl the Soothsayer. (Sybyl just knows things. Da-da's been around so he knows when someone "knows things," and Sybyl started telling Da-da about his own childhood in great detail for about 30 seconds -- Da-da's an only child and there were no witnesses -- so Da-da quickly said, "STOP. That's enough. You know things.")

Anyway, as for the lack of Halloween births, Sybyl stated plainly that, "The time around Halloween is a difficult incarnation. THE most difficult, in fact" Why's that, Da-da asked. "It just is." Ok, Philosopher's Stone, anything else? "Those who are born on Halloween, or within five days or so, are very powerful. They are here for a good reason and beat out other spirits who wanted into that situation. These spirits go to the head of the line. Best to work with them and not against them." Okay. Tough to argue with a stone.

(Psst. Da-da is a Halloween baby, shhh.)

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