Da-da Salutes...

This day, Da-da salutes Marty, as well as anyone who makes it their business to unify. Why are so many unifiers killed? What wants us divided, and why? Da-da knows the answer, but wonders if you've thought about it. (And no, it's not THE DEVIL. The devil is a blue-screen laptop.)

Marty had FOUR kids, not to mention his wife and family. Perhaps future gunmen-wannabes should think about the families they leave without a Da-da or Ma-ma. Try imagining the look in all those eyes before putting your hand to a weapon or bomb. (Are you reading this MKULTRA controllers and controllees?) Like the parole board said, "You're only hurting yourself with this rambunctious behavior." How can any flag or silly idea justify that?

DAMN. Blue Honky Da-da's bringing me DOWN, man... and Marty wants us UP.

Wellsir, nothing made Marty laugh like an AMC-Pacer-load o' honkies hair-whappin' to Freddy.

Fig. 1: Classic midwestern HONKIES "getting down."

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